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Actor Director Syed Mohidul Islam was born on 1st January, 1946 at Vill- Sayed Mohalla P.O –Fakirhat Dist- Bagerhat of Bangladesh . His Father name is Sayed Morsel Ali Khandokar, & mother ‘s name is Fatema Begam. He passed Master Degree in Bengali Literature ( M.A.) in 1969 from Dhaka University And in the same year he had got a special training on TV producer at Rawalpindi . And also he passed post graduate Degree on Drama from “National School of Drama” in India. In 1976 he established a theatre group namely “Batikrom NattyaGosty” in Kolkata. And after 2 years 1978 he return back in his own country Bangladesh, and practiced Batikrom Nattya Gosty continuously .

In 1984 also he established “School of Acting” in which he was the Principal instructor & Director till his death. Students from this institution are now working in various stage as social and electronic media. “Batikrom Nattya Gosty” produced 33 drama under his direction. Side by side he worked as an actor in various electronic media like Radio, Theatre, Tele Vision and also made various script. He also Directed two Cinema namely “Ami Kar” & “Swapna Jatra” .His proud presence were also in film industry as an actor.

He wrote a book “Avinoy” and drama “Iswar abong Ami”, Manush Ochena Ondhokar” “Aynar Samne Charui Pakhi”, “Aboses” And Unpublished Drama was directed by him in theatre called “Rupkatha”, “Ekhon ki Kori”, “Mrittur Kichhu Agee”, “Krishnachura Ekhono Lal”. And Also translate many famous drama “The Zoo Story” written by Edward Albee, “Tin Biggani O Maharani Aschhen” written by Durant Mate, “Bibroto Darshak o Satya Obastab”, “Bibroto Darshak O Kaspar”, “Klots er ki kando” & “Atmo Ovojog” written by Pitar Handke, “Woyzeck” written by Georg Büchner. Transformed two short story by Rabindranath Tagore “Bini Poysar Voj” and “Seser Ratri. He translate almost eleven drama & writings for the people of Bangladesh.”Atal Batikrom NattyaGosty” has been established by his wife (Nadira Islam), daughter (Syeda Nawshin Islam) & son (Syed Ajmer Islam). Renewed Actor Director Syed Mohidul Islam breath his last on 23rd August,2002.